Friday, 19 February 2010


A couple more contributions have been added to The A4 Draw - there's now 19 pieces of work to be won! In the list of works you can now find a stitched piece by Evelin Kasikov, and a screenprinted typographic piece by David Ottley, which folds out to an A1 poster.

Thanks again to everyone who's bought a ticket so far. There's only a week or so left to buy a ticket, so if you've not done so yet, they can be bought for £4 from our Folksy shop!

We should be able to confirm details about the prize draw next week, so check back for more updates...


  1. I love this idea. Can people who live overseas buy a ticket?

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment - unfortunately we've had to limit it to the UK, mainly to keep postage costs down. Had we known the project would get such a positive response we might have considered broadening the scope of it all a bit!

    Sorry about that, but thanks for your interest :)